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CSTE ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR FALL 2018 ONLY!  Please apply at,  https://texastechgrad.liaisoncas.com/applicant-ux/#/login

The Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction program is designed to produce advanced practitioners for P-12 settings and faculty members for post-secondary institutions in the U.S. and abroad. Some of our students are full-time; others are part-time. Students come to the program from Texas, other states in the U.S. and countries around the world. The majority of courses are offered face to face but an increasing number of courses are offered at a distance.

Although an increasing number of courses are offered at a distance, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to complete the entire program at a distance.For more information please contact Brianna Sanchez, Brianna.sanchez@ttu.edu. 


Students in the PhD in Curriculum and Instruction program study in one of five concentrations:

  • Curriculum Studies/Teacher Education
  • Language, Diversity & Literacy Studies
  • Physical Education and Sports Science
  • STEM Education

The degree requirements are designed so students will:

  • Become independent researchers in at least one concentration and one research paradigm.
  • Understand qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Develop the ability to communicate research to a broad range of audiences (e.g., researchers, school board members, or the general public).
  • Refine their knowledge, skills and dispositions to teach a diverse range of students and enable others to teach the same range of students.
  • Further develop their ability to use traditional and emerging technology when instructing others face to face and at a distance and in conducting research.
  • Be able to apply, synthesize and evaluate curriculum and instruction theory.
  • Demonstrate mastery of content, pedagogical content knowledge and instructional practices in their field of study.

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Degree Requirements

TTU Application Process


  1. You apply to the Texas Tech University Graduate School
  2. You receive an eraider login( via the email you gave in your graduate school application) and activate your login.
  3. Graduate School receives your information.
  4. You apply to the TTU College of Education for the degree you are applying for using your eraider login.
  5. The Graduate School processes your application and sends a worksheet to the College of Education requesting approval for admittance from the degree program.
  6. You provide all materials required for the College of Education program to make its decision.
  7. Your College of Education application is locked and no new materials or editing can occur.
  8. Faculty in that program review your application and application materials.
  9. The program's faculty makes their decision about your application.
  10. The Graduate School's worksheet is returned with the program's recommendation.

Online Application Requirements


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  2. You do not have to complete all of your requirements when you begin the application. Your application will be saved and can be amended or edited at any time.
  3. Once all materials have been provided from you and the graduate school requests the recommedation of the College of Education program; your application is locked and cannot be edited.
  4. You may check the status of you application at anytime by going to Application Overview
  5. It is very important that the email you provide is accurate and viewed on a regular basis. We will send you an email when a decision has been made concerning your application or when anything is incorrect or needs updated.
  6. The College of Education Graduate Studies office send notes to you through the application status page. So check it often.
  7. You must have an eraider username and password to apply. You receive an eRaider after applying to the graduate school.

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