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Accepting applications for Spring 2018 only.  Applications for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 will need to be submitted at, https://texastechgrad.liaisoncas.com/applicant-ux/#/login

The purpose of this guide is to provide specific information that will assist students as they consider applying to Master's level programs in Counselor Education. Specific descriptions of courses are in the Texas Tech University Graduate Catalog. Information about Texas Tech University can be found on-line at www.depts.ttu.edu. Information about the College of Education can be found at www.educ.ttu.edu.

Students may choose either the Master's degree program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling or in School Counseling. A non-degree certification program in School Counseling is available for individuals who have a master's degree in another field and wish to be a school counselor. Course requirements for these programs are located later in this guide. The College of Education is accredited by the National Council for Teacher Accreditation (NCATE). The Counselor Education Program is nationally accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP). **As of January 1, 2017, the Counselor Education program requires that all applications for the master's degree include GRE scores. Any currently submitted application not completed before January 1, 2017, must include GRE scores before faculty review for admission to the program. 
The College of Education is accredited by the National Council for Teacher Accreditation (NCATE). The Counselor Education Program is nationally accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP) The Counselor Education program faculty defined their mission as training counselors, not psychologists. While the professions of counseling and psychology are akin, there are distinct differences. Thus, prospective applicants desiring a degree in psychology and/or licensure as a psychologist are encouraged to apply to a psychology training program.

Master of Education in Counselor Education-- Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. This 60-hour program prepares counselors to work in human service settings. Depending on electives chosen and field experiences completed, graduates of this program may be qualified for positions in a wide range of mental health and related community and mental health counseling agencies. This program meets the academic coursework requirements for licensure by the Texas Board of Professional Counselors (Licensed Professional Counselor-LPC).

Master of Education in Counselor Education -- School Counseling Program. This 48-hour program prepares students to serve as counselors in educational settings at the elementary and secondary levels. This program provides academic coursework for certification as a school counselor in Texas.*

Non-Degree Professional Certification in School Counseling Program. This 48-hour program allows persons with a Master’s degree in a related field to complete academic coursework for certification as a school counselor in Texas.* Students must apply and be admitted to the counselor education program prior to seeking certification

*NOTE: In addition to coursework requirements for school counseling, the Texas Education Agency requires Texas certification as a teacher and 2 years of TEA-approved teaching experience. TEA's Professional School Counselor TExES examination must also be passed. Information regarding the TExES for School Counselor Certification and registration materials is available from the College of Education Certification Office (Rooms 106A).

The applications for both the Clinical Mental Health counseling program and the School Counseling program require the following: applicant resume/vita; applicant statement; and, three recomendations (forms are found on the application). Recommendations must be professional references from a supervisor and/or former professor/instructor of the applicant.





Graduate Faculty

  Research Interests
Loretta J. Bradley, PhD
806-742-1997 ext. 263
Counselor Supervision; career counseling; ethics pluralism/multicultural counseling; counseling women across the life span; adolescent development
Charles Crews, PhD
Associate Professor
806-742-1997 ext. 369
School counseling; counseling techniques, video gaming, evidence-based

Janet Froeschle-Hicks, PhD
Associate Professor
806-742-1997 ext.379

School counseling; child counseling; career counseling
C. Bret Hendricks, EdD
Associate Professor
806-742-1997 ext. 230
Career decision-making, child and adolescent development, dysfunctional behavior and substance abuse
Aretha Marbley, PhD
806-742-1997 ext. 268
Multicultural counseling; crisis intervention; counselor supervision
Gerald Parr, PhD
806-742-1997 ext. 262
Group counseling; counseling international students; professional issues in counseling/career satisfaction


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Degree Requirements

TTU Application Process


  1. You apply to the Texas Tech University Graduate School
  2. You receive an eraider login( via the email you gave in your graduate school application) and activate your login.
  3. Graduate School receives your information.
  4. You apply to the TTU College of Education for the degree you are applying for using your eraider login.
  5. The Graduate School processes your application and sends a worksheet to the College of Education requesting approval for admittance from the degree program.
  6. You provide all materials required for the College of Education program to make its decision.
  7. Your College of Education application is locked and no new materials or editing can occur.
  8. Faculty in that program review your application and application materials.
  9. The program's faculty makes their decision about your application.
  10. The Graduate School's worksheet is returned with the program's recommendation.

Online Application Requirements


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  2. You do not have to complete all of your requirements when you begin the application. Your application will be saved and can be amended or edited at any time.
  3. Once all materials have been provided from you and the graduate school requests the recommedation of the College of Education program; your application is locked and cannot be edited.
  4. You may check the status of you application at anytime by going to Application Overview
  5. It is very important that the email you provide is accurate and viewed on a regular basis. We will send you an email when a decision has been made concerning your application or when anything is incorrect or needs updated.
  6. The College of Education Graduate Studies office send notes to you through the application status page. So check it often.
  7. You must have an eraider username and password to apply. You receive an eRaider after applying to the graduate school.

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